Patios & Paving

At Costin's Plants & Landscaping we are specialists in providing top quality patio and paving solutions. We complete projects of all sizes which we tailor to suit the customer’s specifications and budget. We work with all types of materials including natural stone, brick, cobbles etc. We use the latest laying techniques in order to transform your existing garden or driveway with a new, stylish design. Not only does paving add to the aesthetic of your property, it can also be used to contour the shape of it. In addition to patios and paving we can also install kerbs.

Choosing The Right Materials

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right patio/paving materials for your property. Here are some points to consider when making your decision:

  • Colour Scheme – consider the colour that will be surrounding your patio/paving, do you want the paving to be matching/complimentary or to stand out and make a statement?

  • Style of Patio/Paving – do you want your patio/paving to follow a traditional or more contemporary design?

  • Pattern of Patio/Paving – in what pattern would you like your patio/paving to be installed?

If you’re interested in having a patio or paving installed call Costin's Plants & Landscaping now. We offer a free call-out and quotation for all our work.

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